Cappadocia Photo Tour - 7 Days

A photography tour that includes all the beauties and treasures of Cappadocia. This Yılkı Horses Photography workshop is organised by Anadolu’ya Yolculuk, under the inspiring leadership of Nuri Çorbacıoğlu, an AFIAP award-winning photographer. You can capture the majesty of almost 300 Yılkı horses in the heart of Anatolia. Whether you travel in the white snows of winter, between the fresh spring showers or in a huge dust cloud during summer, each season will offer you stunning images! Apart from catching the best images of the Ilkı horses, we also go to Kapuzbaşı Waterfall, known as the second largest waterfall in the world. After taking stunning photos of the rushing waters, we enjoy a fresh trout for lunch. We will relive the centuries old central Asian traditions in a Kyrgyz Otağı (a large nomadic marquee) in the Avanos district and witness the skills of traditional potters working in an age old traditions. The magical eternity and powerful reflections of the Salt Lake with a horseman or people dressed in their traditional outfits will be a visual feast and magical atmosphere that you cannot even imagine! This will be a tour focussing on PHOTOGRAPHY as you will visit the best photographical locations under the expert consultancy of professional photographer Nuri Çorbacıoğlu; a tour full of DISCOVERY as you will see the best viewpoints and the least known corners of the cities with our expert guide and lastly a definite GOURMET tour, as we include the best cuisine of the region and you won’t turn back until you have tasted every special food there is!

7 Days
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