Treasure Hunt

We're after treasure in fantasy land The clues will keep you active physically and mentally while taking you to some of the most beautiful parts of Cappadocia. At the end of the day you will forge unforgettable memories with your teammates.

We will explore the hidden corners of Cappadocia where most tourists never see.

We look for treasures in the magical atmosphere of the fantasy realm that is Cappadocia.
We aim to give you an exploration experience where you are always active and engaged in mental and physical activity following one clue after another.


It can be preferred for internal team building exercises or motivation trips. Because:

The game is designed in different concepts from small groups of 2-3 people to large groups of 100-150 people.

For each group of 12 people, at least one experienced guide is provided to accompany the group and to ensure safety in physical activities.

It can be planned for half a day and all day.

Different tools (Bikes, jips, horses… ) can be used according to the company's purpose and preferences.


We can design a team building game where every member of the group work together to overcome the challenges.

We can design games where you can race against each other or time.

We can design games relying on personal performance.

We can add actors that come as part of the scenario who may give you clues or may be make things more challenging by confusing or asking extra things from you.

Different vehicles can be added as part of the game to make in game traveling more fun. You can ride bikes to collect puzzle pieces or ride horses to reach places on your map. You can drive jeeps to remote areas or finish and celebrate in a hot air balloon. Many activities can be brought together to create a game.

Imagination is the only limit


The games are designed such that participants will have to work together as a team, use time and the given clues wisely and stay calm under time pressure to succeed. The rich texture of the area guarantees a fun and unforgettable activity for all those who participate.